We Provide Capital and Liquidity Solutions for Healthcare Investors and Companies

Who We Are

An Alternative Investment Manager

10K Lakes Capital is an alternative investment manager focused on secondary buyouts and joint venture transactions for portfolios of high-quality medical technology, digital health, life sciences and healthcare service companies.


We actively manage portfolios of high-quality healthcare companies by leveraging our decades long experience as investors, operators and advisors

How We Invest

Active Management of Healthcare Secondaries

Secondary buyouts or joint ventures include purchasing ownership interests in private or public equity, private or public debt or limited partnership interests in a “basket” or portfolio of high-quality companies.

Transaction counterparties typically include venture capital limited and general partners, corporate investors, hedge funds or family offices that are seeking complete or partial liquidity for various strategic and/or financial reasons.

For each secondary portfolio transaction, 10K Lakes forms a new dedicated investment vehicle with capital to fund the initial buyout and provide adequate reserves for follow-on investments in the underlying portfolio companies.


We are healthcare industry veterans, with extensive experience in successfully underwriting & actively managing secondary transactions

What We Accomplish

Strong Relationships & Track Record

Our strong brand equity and reputation in this industry position us as a preferred partner for corporations and investors seeking liquidity solutions.

We have deep experience in the secondary market and have acquired over 150 individual equity and debt positions from strategic and institutional investors.

We take great pride in efficiently and successfully transferring ownership interests from the selling counterparty, while maintaining confidentiality and minimizing disruption at the underlying portfolio companies.



Financing the Future of Healthcare Innovation

10K Lakes Capital is a vital partner to growth-stage healthcare companies. We provide a pathway for our portfolio companies to access greater amounts of capital as well as the financial and operational guidance they seek on their path to a successful exit. Our team members have served as buyers, sellers, board members and advisors to healthcare innovators in more than 200 successful deals.

10K Lakes Capital is a sister company to Sightline Partners with the same focus on secondary buyouts and joint venture transactions for high-quality companies in the healthcare industry.

If you have a portfolio of investment positions where we may be able to finance or acquire, let’s connect.